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Average chance of a Yes, No or Draw on a Friday since 8th June 2012.
 Every weeks answers since 8th June 2012 organised by day.
This should show the days converging over time even if individual days show a bias on a specific day.
Time will be the true test of that probably foolish statement.
Every answer given is stored and calculated into the next graph. Graphs have been updating for the last 10 years and 8 months since Decision Maker went live on 2012-05-08. Graphs are updated and maintained automatically by the system.
After each answer is given new graphs are generated incorporating the new data from the current answer, Once processing is complete the graphs will reload displaying the new results. Clicking the Race button will reset the racers to the beginning and a new race will commence. Any graph selection will save a cookie that indicates the preference so next visit the same graph will be visible again as first priority.
This page was designed for Mozilla Firefox, It uses the pChart graphing library to create charts, Animated Gif's were found here although many have been edited to better suit the needs of Decision Maker. Decision Maker randomly selects Gif's to race at each visit to the page.

It was designed by Duindain after being inspired by a coding competition. You can contact him at here